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 Entities of all sizes face unprecedented financial and organizational strain due to the economic and political environment. Denbrook Advisory specializes in helping leaders with sponsorship strategy, funding program innovation, team training and resource utilization.
Working with You to 

Achieve More


Denbrook Advisory is a consultancy specializing in business development, strategy, and resource utilization for non-profits and businesses. We work collaboratively with you and your team delivering effective and pragmatic solutions enabling you to achieve better results quickly.


Our expertise spans corporate sponsorship, marketing strategy,  stakeholder relations, team building, resource utilization and workflow alignment. We have guided organizations through challenges

large and small.


Clients include mission driven non-profits and entities seeking improved performance. We work across a broad variety of sectors bringing fresh perspective and solutions to your revenue, growth and operating challenges while respecting  your staff, culture and vision.


Denbrook Advisory is led by Donald Ershow and David Zellhart, who have extensive experience in sales, strategy and operations for innovative businesses and non-profits. After serving in leadership roles at several successful media and technology startups, they and their partners launched a sponsorship sales company that delivered over $800 million of corporate sponsorship funds to NPR and PBS. 


As you consider the challenges you face, the resources and experience that Denbrook Advisory can bring to your team are significant. We will help deliver clarity and focus so that the solutions are actionable and appropriate, creating maximum value for all stakeholders. You will deal with senior consultants with deep expertise and practical experience who always keep your goals primary.


Our first step will be to listen to you and to understand how we might be able to help. To learn more, please contact us today at or call 973-220-0702


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